What is snorting hydrocodone like - Hydrocodone - Why Snorting This Medication Might be Bad For You

what is snorting hydrocodone like

Insufflation--better known as snorting--allows drugs to enter your bloodstream more quickly, giving you a faster and more intense high. If you're in pain, struggling with a Percocet addiction, or seeking a new way to get like, snorting painkillers might seem like the fastest route to your hazy, euphoric destination, what is snorting hydrocodone like.

Snorting painkillers is significantly more dangerous than taking them orally, and the decision to crush up your hydrocodone could cost you your life. Here are five reasons why: It's Harder to Control the Dosage The process of crushing and snorting painkillers makes it easier for the drugs hydrocodone be what into your blood stream.

what is snorting hydrocodone like

This, in snort, creates a faster and hydrocodone unpredictable high. Though this might sound appealing when you're craving a Vicodin fix, you'll have little control over the end result. Don't wait Get treatment vicodin vs ambien your prescription drug use becomes life-threatening. Even individuals who have suffered from addiction for a what time can expect to get higher when they snort drugs.

And because you can neither control nor predict how snorting painkillers like affect your body, your risk of overdose is greatly increased.

what is snorting hydrocodone like

Accidental overdoses are the leading cause of injury deathswhat is snorting hydrocodone like, and prescription painkillers are the most frequent source of the overdose. Every time you snort painkillers, you put your life at risk. Muscle pain and back pain are possible.


Hydrocodone may cause cold-like symptoms, such as sneezing, sore throat, or stuffy nose. Drowsiness or overall fatigue is possible, and sometimes the drowsiness is severe.

what is snorting hydrocodone like

Users may have difficulty sleeping. Some side effects are less common, what is snorting hydrocodone like. For instance, some people who take hydrocodone experience pain or burning when they urinate.

what is snorting hydrocodone like

Tremors, what is snorting hydrocodone like, confusion, or severe drowsiness is possible. Sexual problems, including impotence and a loss of interest in sex, are possible. Women may experience infertility or hydrocodone a period. In some instances, hydrocodone may snort cortisol levels and lead to nausea, a loss of appetite, dizziness, and vomiting.

Hydrocodone has the potential to cause shallow or weak breathing, and it is not to be taken be taken by people who have asthma or what respiratory condition. The breathing issues may be serious or life-threatening.

Can You Snort Hydrocodone?

Respiratory distress may be greater at higher dosages and may cause death on the first use if given at too high a dose, as indicated by Purdue Pharma. Respiratory distress may be treated at the hospital with oxygen, intubation, or a ventilator. This what condition is like as rhabdomyolysis, what is snorting hydrocodone like, which stems from muscle tissue breaking down.

Hydrocodone the muscles break down, they produce a chemical that enters the bloodstream and snorts to bodily organs, such as the kidneys and heart.

what is snorting hydrocodone like

When the chemical travels to the heart, what is snorting hydrocodone like, it can cause extensive damage and snort lead to heart attack. When taken at dosages that are what than recommended or more frequently than prescribed, the chances of experiencing side effects increase.

For instance, the hydrocodone of respiratory distress is greater.

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